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See us at the Canadian Mining Expo, Timmins Ontario June 6-7, 2018

FastCover with our fabric buildings will be exhibiting at “The Big Event” Canadian Mining Expo, Timmins, Ontario on June 6th and 7th, 2018. The event will feature over 400 displays, on-site equipment demonstrations, exploration showcases, speaker forums, and jackleg drilling competitions. Outdoor and indoor showcases plus a career fair make this one event you won’t want to miss.

FastCover Fabric Buildings in the Mining Industry

FastCover has experience in providing storage facilities for the mining sector in the remotest of locations. Our fabric structures, prior to assembly are ideal candidates to be flown or ferried by plane, helicopter, or barge into remote locations. FastCover portable fabric buildings can then be erected on any relatively level site without the need for expensive foundations. FastCover’s fabric buildings can be secured to the ground in a variety of methods from screw anchors to rock brackets to concrete blocks. Whichever method best suits the location, the ground disturbance is minimal or non-existent. In the event the FastCover fabric building is no longer required at a specific location or site, they can be easily disassembled and re-erected elsewhere.

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Why a FastCover Portable Fabric Building?

FastCover buildings provide protection against the elements for equipment, core samples and other important assets left on sites. Core samples are a vital asset to the current and future value of the site and need to be properly protected against the elements to minimize deterioration. FastCover portable fabric buildings keep trucks, trailers, heavy equipment and other assets out of the elements, allowing for faster and easier startups. No more shoveling snow, unthawing, or digging equipment out anymore! FastCover fabric buildings are the ultimate machine shed storage solution to protect hoses, tires and paint on industrial, mining, transportation and, heavy equipment from fading, cracking, and failing. This allows for longer life, less maintenance and better resale value of the equipment.

  • FastCover fabric buildings come with a full 15-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Most FastCovers are completely portable, allowing you to erect them without the need for costly foundations.
  • FastCovers can be easily relocated to another location on your property to adapt to the growth and expansion of your business.
  • FastCovers have great resale value, which is a huge cost benefit compared to a permanent building.

FastCover at the Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins, Ontario

Find FastCover Fabric Structures at Pavilion- 03 at the Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins and browse through our inventory to see which fabric building is best for your needs.

Quality & innovation, combined with value. These are the benchmarks that makethat have made FastCover TM a recognized industry leader. Get a quote today!

FastCover used to Protect Overpass Concrete pours on Provincial Hwy Project

FastCover Fabric Structures was awarded the contract for the protection of concrete from the elements during pouring of overpasses for the Province of Manitoba. This project, using Portable Fabric Buildings, is slated for completion October of 2018. The picture shown is the FastCover 65′ wide by 100′ long.

Working with the general contractor Flatiron and the engineering group, FastCover has been able to design and develop structures that are capable of being used for the multitude of widths required for this project. Each FastCover can be reconfigured to change width dependent on the overpass being poured. This concept not only resulted in significant savings for this portion of the project but also increased efficiency in assembly and erection. Increasing or decreasing the widths of these FastCovers only requires the addition or deletion of a small number of steel components and no change to the fabric. These FastCovers range in size from 55′ wide to 100′ wide with a typical length of 100′ long. There is no doubt that these temporary structures are of significant size and require the need for appropriate equipment and trained personnel.

These FastCovers will be erected and disassembled multiple of times over the course of the project and have been designed to do so with ease. FastCover, working closely with the project engineers, has also ensured that all National Building Code requirements have been met to safely work in the structure and handle the site location’s climate loads in and around one of the heaviest concentration of vehicle traffic in Manitoba.

This is just one of many projects FastCover is currently involved in. FastCover is a proud family owned manufacturer and installer of fabric buildings serving the agriculture, industrial, commercial, oil & gas, and mining industries factory direct!  it is a great example of how Portable Fabric Buildings can add value to a commercial construction project.

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Solar Powered Building – Solar Solution for Your New FastCover

Solar Powered Building

We have developed the perfect solar power solution for your new FastCover portable fabric structure. A small 14×28 foldable solar panel is mounted onto a unique bracket that does not alter or affect your main fabric cover whatsoever. The bracket gets mounted onto the upper truss with self tapping screws and drops down below the storm flap and back up with a mounting bracket for the solar panel. Angle brackets allow you to adjust the angle on the solar panel depending on the light availability in your particular area. The solar power can be harnessed to generate lighting or light duty power use. This particular application plugs into a round fan that is mounted to the upper side end wall of the FastCover, allowing us to extract air out of the building in order to keep the humidity level lower in your brand new FastCover building. To encourage air movement we installed vents on the opposing end wall to draw in fresh air as the fan extracts humid air. Check out our YouTube video to learn more about getting a solar powered building.

store your equipment

FastCover Fabric Structures, How You Store Your Equipment is Our Business!

At FastCover, we know that you work your commercial, industrial, agricultural and recreational equipment hard! What you do with your equipment during business hours and playtime is your business! How you store your equipment is our business!

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Storing Equipment

We have been manufacturing fabric covered steel structures for decades. When you purchase your new FastCover it comes with everything you need. Our Fully Portable single and engineered truss structure FastCovers come complete with end walls, roll-up doors, all hardware and anchors to erect and mount your building to the ground. Don’t pay for optional items that are actually required to complete your project….. or worse yet, purchase a fabric building not knowing what you are really getting or whether it will survive North America’s extreme weather conditions. All FastCovers are produced in our Canadian Welding Bureau and A660 certified manufacturing facility in the center of North America. All FastCovers leave our facility completely powdercoated at our in-house powdercoat paintline. Not only do we manufacture and sell our products Factory Direct, we also provide full installation services to ensure your new FastCover looks great for many years to come to store your equipment.

Buy a FastCover! Made in Canada! Sold by Us! Installed by Us!

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Solar Powered, Insulated, Heated Fabric Structure

The Client, a prominent Manitoba company in the commercial construction industry required heated storage for their heavy equipment and supplies. Our dealer, a professional reseller and erector of FastCover Structures worked with the Client, to determine size, foundation and insulation requirements to meet their needs.

In this particular instance the FastCover building was designed with trusses in closer proximity to each other to ensure it was structurally sound to not only withstand the Province’s extreme weather but also to ensure rigidity for the installation of insulation materials. The structure has been securely adhered to the concrete block base which provides a sturdy level base, additional height and protection from unwanted contact with the fabric cover.

Although FastCover fabric structures allow for reasonable light to pass through because this unit is insulated that opportunity no longer existed. This FastCover structure incorporates our solar energy which provides ample lighting 24 hours per day. Propane heat was selected to maintain a very comfortable environment in this Province?s harsh environment.

FastCover fabric buildings are the ideal solution for customers in a wide variety of industries, allowing efficient and cost conscious installation with the option of being moved and/or quickly taken down on a temporary site compared to traditional buildings.

Another successful FastCover project. For more information on how FastCover can assist with your project please contact us online or call 1-866-657-7172.

Industrial Vehicle Storage Building

Structures for Storage

Our Client purchased a significant number FastCover Fabric Structures for various locations to store salt, sand and large snow clearing equipment for the Province of Alberta, Canada. Working with the Client, it was determined that the size of buildings would range from 30 feet to 72 feet wide and up to 230 feet in length.

The structures for storage of sand and salt were completely epoxy coated which provides tremendous extended life to steel in facilities that are prone to high corrosion. Although epoxy coating adds initial cost to FastCover Structures, that incremental cost is minute compared to cost to replace any steel components due to premature corrosion. With Safety being paramount to our Client, epoxy coating ensured the Client was confident in the durability of the engineered structures.

The Equipment storage buildings required a completely different specification. The Client required an enclosed storage area to thaw equipment during down time, allowing them to keep equipment clean, reduce the opportunity for rust, all while providing an environment where maintenance and repairs can be done on their equipment. Each FastCover Fabric Structure was lined with an interior insulator to create a barrier resulting in reduced heat loss. This enabled the Client to install radiant heaters making the structure usable for maintenance and repair. These structures are also fully electrified allowing for the use of power tools and plugging in snow clearing equipment which ultimately extends their life.

FastCover fabric buildings were the ideal solution for this customer to install several buildings efficiently with the option of them being moved and/or quickly taken down on a temporary site compared to traditional buildings.

Another successful FastCover project. For more information on how FastCover can assist with your project please contact us online or call 1-866-657-7172