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Will a FastCover Building work in your Operations?

A FastCover fabric building is an extremely versatile and valuable addition to your operations site for use as equipment storage buildings, vehicle maintenance buildings, warehousing, portable storage shelter buildings, and processing buildings.  Some key features of our buildings include the rugged modular design and the quick installations not to mention the ability to move and relocate a building to another site onto a wide variety of foundation options.

Maximized Space

Clear span space. Half-round design concept. High ceilings. No interior columns.

Energy Efficiency

FastCover buildings require fewer light fixtures to properly illuminate the space, reducing utility costs.

Long Lasting Quality

All FastCover single and engineered truss structures come with an industry leading 15 year pro-rated warranty.

Rugged Modular Storage Buildings for Harsh Climates

FastCover Storage Buildings are delivered in large component pieces leading to rapid construction times which can be measured in days or weeks instead of months.  Once the building trusses are set on the foundation, the cover can be pulled and tightened, typically in day.  The polyethylene covers are engineered to withstand the harsh climates often found at mining sites and buildings can be site-specific engineered to surpass the local wind and snow load requirements.  The fabric covers also transmit a tremendous amount of daylight to the interior of the building reducing your need for hard to supply utilities in many locations and the bright white underside of the cover widely disperses artificial lighting reducing the total amount of light fixtures and utility consumption.

Long Lasting Quality

All FastCover truss components are powder coat painted providing a protective smooth finish that creates a long-lasting barrier that helps to prevent any premature wear in corrosive environments. Our NovaShield II membrane fabric building covers will not rust. Read about our 13 year warranty.

Relocatable/Portable, Modular

Foundation options such as temporary concrete inter-locking blocks, and even shipping containers or screw pile ground anchors make the building and the foundation relocatable to another job site, extending the useful life of the building.  A FastCover fabric building is delivered to site in large, modular components. Building installation is typically measured in weeks or days, not months.  Permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary, choose the foundation that suits your operation and your project life-cycle and our FastCover fabric building can be installed, disassembled, and re-assembled as needed.

Clear Span for Maximum Workspace

There are no interior column or cross support beams to interfere with the movement or placement of equipment inside the building.  Building side walls rise quickly gaining storage height and maximizing the building interior width and height for storage or operational layout plans.

Low Maintenance Exteriors

The polyethylene covers never need to be painted and your building will not need to have shingles replaced. Most exterior materials such as dirt and dust will simply slide off with a breeze or be washed away with the next rainfall.  The less time and resources you have to spend maintaining your building, the more your resources are applied to your operations.  With the rapid install times and low maintenance fabric cover exteriors, you gain maximum usable time from your building.  When others may still be building, your building is at full utilization.


These are the benchmarks that have made FastCoverTM a recognized industry leader.

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