How long does your Fabric last?

Although FastCover provides a 15 year pro-rated warranty, we see many of our structures with over 20 years of service. The fabric is warranted against defects in material and workmanship, ie: fabric welds separating, webbing in the storm flap pockets, etc. The majority of these items may arise within the first 6 months with years of service beyond that. In the event fabric is ripped, torn or punctured, FastCover provides “patch tape” with pressure sensitive adhesive which can resolve smaller incidents. We always recommend insuring your structure as an act of nature is not covered under warranty. Our oldest FastCover at our manufacturing facility is going on 20+ years and continues to provide good service although it is not pristine white anymore.

Do your Buildings blow away because where I live is really Windy?

We look at National and International Building codes for your specific region which provide the snow, wind and rain loads in the area. This information is then loaded into a computer program which we have developed over the years. The loads in your area are compiled with the computer modeling of engineered FastCovers and provide us the determination of the type of construction required to meet those loads. The variable in meeting loads is generally the width between the structural trusses that we manufacture. As an example, in high snow load areas, we may recommend that the main truss spacing being be tightened up from 10’ to 8’ on centre. In the event of high winds we may increase the strength of door or end wall components so they can manage the wind loads. Many factors come into play when looking at putting up a new fabric structure. We design and engineer FastCover Fabric Buildings to provide our customers with a quality product that meets and exceeds the conditions it will be used under. As always, in the event a new structure requires site-specific engineered stamped drawings, modifications may be required to achieve the required loads.

FastCover is one of the few Manufacturers that Powdercoat their Steel. Why?

We have been manufacturing and fabricating mild steel for over 40 years. Formerly Hi Qual, we produced millions of pieces of livestock handling equipment and then fabric structures to the ranch and farm sectors which were extremely harsh on their equipment. Relatively economical mild steel when combined with powdercoat paint makes for an exceptionally robust finish providing great longevity and rust inhibition. All products are cleaned and washed in our 3 stage automated wash tanks and then powdercoated, ready for packaging. The majority of heavy equipment, especially in the Agricultural sector are powdercoated for durability, so why not powdercoat the structure used to store and maintain that same equipment.

Who is FastCover and why should I buy from them?

Great question!! In this day and age, any manufacturer needs to provide good quality, great service, and competitive pricing. These are 3 things all companies must have to even play in the game. FastCover is unique in that it is a relatively small privately held company that understands that there will always be others with lower pricing but not necessarily comparative quality and service. By helping clients make the best decision for them, we have been fortunate to successfully capture more and more repeat business from our valued clients. They, in turn, have provided us with additional opportunities within their organizations or with other businesses they work closely with. When a client recommends FastCover to one of their valued partners, it is of utmost importance to ensure the end result is successful. Why do you ask… because the reputation of your customer is also on the line for recommending FastCover. We know challenges can arise in manufacturing or on site during erection. Our clients understand this also and they evaluate us on how effectively and efficiently we resolve those challenges.

Does FastCover Manufacture Fabric Buildings only?

FastCover originally only manufactured fabric buildings and sold them through a network of dealers, who ultimately sold them to and sometimes installed them for the end user. In 2015, we made the decision to control the sales and installation aspects of our product. By moving to a “Factory Direct” model we were able to accomplish 2 things that added value for our customers. Firstly, the removal of dealers allowed us to sell FastCovers at a lower price directly to the end-user and secondly, the customer had direct contact with us before, during, and after successful installations. This second aspect has provided peace of mind for our customers because FastCover has taken full responsibility for the entire process.