Solar Powered, Insulated, Heated Fabric Structure

The Client, a prominent Manitoba company in the commercial construction industry required heated storage for their heavy equipment and supplies. Our dealer, a professional reseller and erector of FastCover Structures worked with the Client, to determine size, foundation and insulation requirements to meet their needs.

In this particular instance the FastCover building was designed with trusses in closer proximity to each other to ensure it was structurally sound to not only withstand the Province’s extreme weather but also to ensure rigidity for the installation of insulation materials. The structure has been securely adhered to the concrete block base which provides a sturdy level base, additional height and protection from unwanted contact with the fabric cover.

Although FastCover fabric structures allow for reasonable light to pass through because this unit is insulated that opportunity no longer existed. This FastCover structure incorporates our solar energy which provides ample lighting 24 hours per day. Propane heat was selected to maintain a very comfortable environment in this Province?s harsh environment.

FastCover fabric buildings are the ideal solution for customers in a wide variety of industries, allowing efficient and cost conscious installation with the option of being moved and/or quickly taken down on a temporary site compared to traditional buildings.

Another successful FastCover project. For more information on how FastCover can assist with your project please contact us online or call 1-866-657-7172.