Portable Building Structures

FastCover has a comprehensive line of Portable Building Structures solutions to meet your needs. The portable garage/utility line up is the perfect solution where a moderate area is required, space is limited and portability a must. The portable single truss 24′ and 30′ wide FastCovers are a great solution providing up to 65′ in length or more. The fully portable engineered truss line up provides a range of widths from 26′ up to 46′ wide with unlimited lengths. These structures, being fully engineered, portable, with tremendous storage capabilities, are one of the most popular and functional structures in the industry. Finally, The FastCover engineered truss structure line up has widths from 42′ up to 86′ wide, with unlimited lengths to suit most needs. Our engineering and research & development teams continue to upgrade and modify our product line with the great feedback from our customers use of FastCovers in the field.