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Will a FastCover Building work for my Manufacturing Business?

A FastCover Fabric Building used for manufacturing or maintenance applications gives you space plus clearance.  A wide-open work environment plus enhanced lighting is a safer more productive work environment for employees, and easier on equipment.

Maximized Space

Clear span space. Half-round design concept. High ceilings. No interior columns.

Energy Efficiency

FastCover buildings require fewer light fixtures to properly illuminate the space, reducing utility costs.

Long Lasting Quality

All FastCover single and engineered truss structures come with an industry leading 15 year pro-rated warranty.

Design Flexibility for Equipment Placement

Most manufacturing business processes consist of a series of value added steps.  From prepping to forming to assembly and packaging.  Your equipment need to be placed to maximize the process flow for optimal efficiency.  Without interior columns and posts in your way, you are free to design your plant floor to your needs.

Machinery such as forklifts can operate freely and material movement can happen efficiently.

Long Lasting Quality

All FastCover truss components are powder coat painted providing a protective smooth finish that creates a long-lasting barrier that helps to prevent any premature wear in corrosive environments. Our NovaShield II membrane fabric building covers will not rust. Read about our 13 year warranty.

Storage Space

Once you build it, you need to store it.  All our storage buildings feature clear span space plus vertical clearance to provide a tremendous amount of cubic footage needed for warehousing both raw materials as well finished goods.  Take advantage of the storage height with warehouse storage racking or machinery clearance.

Design Flexibility for Access Options

The flow of materials in and out of your buildings, whether equipment requiring maintenance, or raw and finished goods for processing or storage, means traffic patterns need to be planned. Door placements in building end walls can be configured for various heights, widths, quantities and placements.  As well, sidewall entrances for vehicles or personnel can also be incorporated into the design.

Energy Efficient Plus Safety

FastCover commercial storage buildings feature a cover that permits the transfer of a tremendous amount of natural light to the interior of the building.  Light is transmitted from all directions, reducing shadows and improving visibility throughout the building. There is no need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, even on a cloudy day.  When daylight is no longer available, the bright white underside of the cover disperses artificial light more evenly so often fewer light fixtures and lower utility costs are required to properly light your building.  Better lighting helps to create a safer work environment.


These are the benchmarks that have made FastCoverTM a recognized industry leader.

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