Experience Unmatched Strength and Versatility with FastCover Prefabricated Buildings

Portable Truss Structures that Adapt to Your Business Needs

FastCover offers superior prefabricated building solutions, engineered fabric structures, and temporary buildings to various industries, including farming, ranching, business, industry, recreation, and mining. These structures provide the optimum balance of strength and mobility, allowing you to easily adapt to your company’s changing demands. Compared to conventional fabric shelters, the fabric structural design of these engineered truss structures offers more protection and durability. For the utmost adaptability and flexibility in your temporary construction requirements, use FastCover.

Protect Your Assets with 26′ and 32′ Portable Fabric Buildings

Our portable buildings are available in various widths starting from 26 and 32 feet. They are built to resist harsh weather, which makes them ideal for outlying areas. These fabric buildings are frequently used for storage, maintenance, and staffing facilities in construction, mining, and industrial storage applications. The 26′ & 32′ FastCover fabric structures allow you to choose your end walls, ranging from solid to economic fabric roll-up doors, Accutrack steel reinforced fabric overhead doors or steel overhead or roll-up doors that are optimal for your operation.

Maximize Your Space with 38′ Portable Storage Structure

The 38′ Portable Truss Structures offer an innovative solution for businesses looking to maximize their space while keeping the structure portable. This fully engineered building is designed with a welded truss architecture that provides the stability and strength needed for a wide range of storage and light industrial applications. The 38′ width provides a lot of space for equipment or commodity storage, while the portable design makes it easy to relocate the building as your business grows and evolves. Additionally, this FastCover fabric building is an excellent value option for businesses searching for a cost-effective solution without sacrificing performance. With our 38′ temporary fabric buildings, you can get a flexible, high-performing building solution that meets the needs of your business now and into the future.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with a 46′ Portable Canvas Building

The 46′ Portable Canvas Structure strikes the ideal balance between mobility and adaptability. This fabric structure offers plenty of space for storage or light industrial space. Its optimized design enables you to get the maximum surface area on the inside while being completely transportable, allowing for temporary building placement. It is the perfect solution for situations where soil disturbance is not an option, as you can attach it to the ground using screw anchors, concrete blocks, concrete footings, pony walls, or simply hold it in place with concrete blocks. The 46′ temporary buildings are the best option whether you want a dependable solution for your company or simply want to benefit from mobility.

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