The FastCover line up of Portable Buildings, Engineered Truss Structures have been successfully serving our Farm, Ranch, Commercial, Industrial, Recreational and Mining Customers for many years. These fully engineered portable buildings provide the strength and portability that is required to meet the versatility of the needs of these industries. They must be able to withstand the rigors of each environment plus be able to be relocated to meet the ever-changing needs of the customer. When your business is growing, today’s location may not be suitable for future growth, and these FastCovers are designed to work with the Customer.

26 and 32’ Portable Truss Structures
The FastCover 26’ wide and 32’ wide Portable Engineered Truss Structures have been designed to tackle the most extreme of conditions. These portable buildings have significant capacity for snow, wind and rain loads and are often used in many northern most remote locations for storage, maintenance and staffing facilities for construction, mining, and industrial applications. The FastCover 26 & 32, as all FastCovers do, allows you choose your end walls, ranging from solid to economical fabric roll-up doors, Accutrack steel reinforced fabric OH doors or steel OH or roll-up doors. This FastCover is built to tackle those tough applications that require a robust fabric structure.

38’ Portable Truss Structure
FastCover 38 wide engineered welded truss structures maximize your space requirements, Plus they provide the convenience of being fully portable. This great value FastCover is the building of choice for those customers wanting a structurally engineered FastCover at exceptional value.

46’ Portable Truss Structure
The FastCover 46’ wide Portable Engineered Truss Structures are designed for versatility. The profile maximizes interior space to ensure you can capture maximum storage or light industrial space. The portability of this building allows it to adhere to the ground with our screw anchors, mounted on concrete blocks, concrete footings, pony walls or simply held to the ground with concrete blocks in applications where soil disturbance is not an option. These FastCover portable buildings are used in a variety of applications where value and portability are important.

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