FastCover used to Protect Overpass Concrete pours on Provincial Hwy Project

FastCover Fabric Structures was awarded the contract for the protection of concrete from the elements during pouring of overpasses for the Province of Manitoba. This project, using Portable Fabric Buildings, is slated for completion October of 2018. The picture shown is the FastCover 65′ wide by 100′ long.

Working with the general contractor Flatiron and the engineering group, FastCover has been able to design and develop structures that are capable of being used for the multitude of widths required for this project. Each FastCover can be reconfigured to change width dependent on the overpass being poured. This concept not only resulted in significant savings for this portion of the project but also increased efficiency in assembly and erection. Increasing or decreasing the widths of these FastCovers only requires the addition or deletion of a small number of steel components and no change to the fabric. These FastCovers range in size from 55′ wide to 100′ wide with a typical length of 100′ long. There is no doubt that these temporary structures are of significant size and require the need for appropriate equipment and trained personnel.

These FastCovers will be erected and disassembled multiple of times over the course of the project and have been designed to do so with ease. FastCover, working closely with the project engineers, has also ensured that all National Building Code requirements have been met to safely work in the structure and handle the site location’s climate loads in and around one of the heaviest concentration of vehicle traffic in Manitoba.

This is just one of many projects FastCover is currently involved in. FastCover is a proud family owned manufacturer and installer of fabric buildings serving the agriculture, industrial, commercial, oil & gas, and mining industries factory direct!  it is a great example of how Portable Fabric Buildings can add value to a commercial construction project.

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