Durable Temporary Buildings with FastCover’s Portable Single Truss Structures

Experience the Benefits of Engineered Fabric Buildings with the 24′ Portable Single Truss Structure

In need of a high-quality fabric structure for storing your camper, boat, or other equipment? Look no further than FastCover’s 24′ Portable Single Truss Structure. This engineered fabric building offers over 20 years of durability and reliable protection for your assets.


Optimize Your Storage Space with the 30′ Portable Single Truss Structure

FastCover’s 30′ Portable Single Truss Structure is the ideal choice for your needs, from storing multiple pieces of equipment to providing coverage during inclement weather. With a hi-profile option that increases door height from 12′ to 14′, you’ll have plenty of room to maneuver your equipment or big automobiles without the fear of hitting the fabric. These versatile fabric shelters offer a practical solution for any situation.

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