Mine Site Inventory Storage

Project Description

Industry: Energy & Exploration
Location: Northern Manitoba, Canada
Application: Inventory / Parts Storage
Building Size: 50’ wide x 84’ long x 24.5’ high – FastCover Engineered Double Truss Straight Leg Series Structure – Steel OH door 16’ wide x 14’ high c/w power lift

Building Features

This FastCover is used for heated storage of the client’s mining parts inventory. Over the years this large Mining client has had FastCover supply them with various smaller structures for maintenance and storage purposes and recently concluded that our product was robust enough to meet their rigorous requirement for larger scale warehousing. Working with the client it was determined that multiple FastCovers were the most efficient and effective method of warehousing. Each of the four structures were designated to warehousing different parts groups, for ease of access, based on frequency of usage.

These FastCovers are the SLSS models referring the Straight Leg Series Structure (SLSS) with a 10’ high straight leg truss providing massive cubic volume inside to maximize storage with 16’ wide x 14’ high steel OH doors complete with power and remotes. They are highly conducive to commercial racking and in this particular application 2 exterior and 1 centre set of racks allows the client is easily access parts from both aisles that are created. Full concrete pads were poured for each structure enabling the client to properly secure the racking to the floor.

Much of the warehoused product has hydraulics, electronics, rubber and other components that can be damaged if left in the elements outside in this harsh environment. To prevent any damage each structure has a full interior liner on the inner portion of the truss, creating a 30” dead air space, allowing for greater heat retention. Couple with the liner they are fitted with overhead radiant propane heating units to ensure inventoried product remains at a temperature in which the product is not damaged and is immediately usable and functional.

Lighting was of course added to ensure each warehouse facility is functional 24 hours per day. FastCover has the ability and credentials to accomplish these types of remote projects. The continual accreditation to CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) and the CSA A660-10 standard permits us to design, manufacture and provide site specific engineer stamped documents for structural buildings. Having company employees install our own product ensures a seamless process to clients throughout each phase of the project.

Prairie Dog Central Storage Facility

fabric storage building for site yard

Project Description

Client: Prairie Dog Central
Location:  Winnipeg, MB Canada
Building: 400’ long and 60’ wide hoop style structure with large 14’ wide x 18’ high overhead doors.

Prairie Dog Central is a non-profit organization serving the tourist industry that seasonally runs an antique passenger train throughout rural Manitoba.

The Challenges

They have struggled over the years to find adequate and affordable storage facilities for their  “very expensive” locomotive and passenger cars during the winter months. FastCover started working with their volunteer board a number of years ago in an attempt to make such a facility accessible to them.

In the fall of 2020 funds became available and facility drawings started. This FastCover needed to be a specific width to accommodate the height and width of the locomotive and passenger cars which would be stored on 2 sets of parallel railroad tracks which were already in existence. It was determined that the FastCover 60’ wide hoop style structure was a perfect fit. It was able to accommodate the large 14’ wide x 18’ high overhead doors on each track. The length was determined to be 400’ to accommodate the entire train which is over 700’.

To meet these specifications and ensure that the structure met the snow, wind and rain loads for the National Building Code in that location, we determined that a concrete loc-block foundation would best suit this application. Because the tracks are elevated, mounting the structure on top of the 2’ high blocks increased the overall height of this FastCover to accommodate the door openings. Manufacturing such a structure is common practise for FastCover as we have a fully CWB and A660-10 certified fabrication facility complete with our own powdercoating paint line. This allows us to ensure that the production and paint process meets all the engineering requirements from start to finish.

Installing this FastCover over the 2 existing sets of tracks became the challenging part as the entire structure has been mounted onto a complete row of concrete lock blocks which we also installed. FastCover and our graphics supplier Creative Print-all, assisted, with printing and installing the large format graphic which is over 20’ in diameter, prior to installation.

This new FastCover will allow the Prairie Dog Central to maintain its original glory during the winter months and be ready to go in spring of every year.

construction warehouse structure

Highway Interchange Construction

construction warehouse structure

Project Description

Industry: Construction
Location: North East of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Application: Highway Interchange Construction
Building Size: Convertible from 60’ / 65’ / 90’ / 100’ wide x 100’ long x 38’ high FastCover Engineered Double Truss Structure

Building Features

These unique FastCover were used during the construction of the Province of Manitoba highway interchange at PTH101 & PTH59. The structures were used during the construction phase to cover the concrete pours of all overpasses as per Manitoba Legislation. The covering of concrete pours is done to ensure the specifications for the concrete mix are not compromised in any way as a result of external elements such as weather. Because a multitude of overpasses required this service, FastCover worked with the client to develop two core structures that could each be extended in width to accommodate the various widths of each overpass. Each size configuration would be erected and dismantled numerous times over the course of the two year project and the design and construction of the FastCovers lent it perfectly for such a project. Prior to full production, a full mock-up of the side foundations were set up on the FastCover property to test fit trusses mimicking the actual site conditions. 

The FastCovers needed to be the full clear span of the actual width and the ends needed to be rapidly deployed in the event of inclement weather. Devising multiple roll-up fabric doors on a pulley system resolved this challenge.

Each combination of size was erected and dismantled 5-7  times. As you can imagine, the client required on-call service in the event of delayed due to misplaced hardware and technical assistance. With the FastCover facility being 10 minutes away from the site we were able to provide excellent, prompt service not only to ensure smooth transitions between installations, but also provided some fabrication services for other aspects of the project.

Upon completion of this particular project the smaller combination structure found a new home in Fort St.John, Alberta and the larger one, as shown being erected, landed in Bow River, Alberta. Being such a robust structure allowed the client to re-purpose these structures to other projects, in turn providing them with a greater return on their investment.  

Having moved into a new facility in Winnipeg as a result of exploding growth, they soon recognized that additional warehouse space was required. Although their pump product is very robust it is important to keep it in pristine condition prior to installation. The client wanted to continue using their current forklift fleet and decided that pouring asphalt as the floor would allow their new FastCover to remain clean, tidy and easy to maneuver their forklifts. With this decision in mind it was determined that the most economical and effective method of grounding the structure was to use concrete lock blocks. The height of the structure met their needs so the blocks were place internally to hold the structure. 

This FastCover being fully portable has a full baserail allowing it to be placed directly on the asphalt making this block application simple. The addition of the optional FastCover flat bar opening in the overhead doorway ensures a smooth transition in and out while lifting heavy loads.

The FastCover 46’ wide accommodates commercial racking very well and the customer has used one side to warehouse frequently required parts and the other for palletized pumps ready for shipping. With the main fabric being white, it transmits approximately 80% of the natural light through making it a great environment to work in without lighting during daylight hours and the UV inhibitor built into the fabric ensures that painted product and rubber components are  not in danger of fading or cracking.

Commercial Storage Building

Putts Transfer, Commercial Storage Building

Commercial Storage Building

Project Description

Client: Putt’s Transfer
Location:  Winnipeg, MB
Building: Portable Engineered Truss 46’ wide x 60’ long

“I am the owner of a growing moving business. I was looking at options for a space to store my trucks, materials, and equipment. A family member who had recently purchased a similar building referred me to FastCover for their easily assembled, well-constructed fabric structures, and superior customer service. The FastCover structure I purchased was affordable, allowing me to grow my business in other ways, and has proved itself very durable, requiring little repair and maintenance.  As my crew and I were assembling the building ourselves, we ran into an issue raising the tarp; we called FastCover and they promptly sent over two knowledgeable installers to assist us and we were done in no time. I would not hesitate to recommend FastCover to anyone. The staff were courteous and helpful, and they supplied a great quality product that was perfect for my company. If you are considering a structure from FastCover, take it from me… there is no better service out there.”

  • Jacques B, Owner, Commercial Moving Business


  • On the fabric cover, we added custom Blue trim (at no extra cost) to match the corporate colors of the client’s company logo.
  • Although the white fabric transmits 80% of natural light through for great working conditions during daylight hours, the Customer installed lighting for evening clean-up or next day preparation.
  • Customer installed 2 large ceiling fans to circulate the air in the building on those warmer days.
  • Note: the FastCover cross bracing provides the perfect mounting connections for both lighting and fans
  • End wall bracing works great to hang up various tools of the trade.
  • A 36”x80” steel insulated pre-hung man door was added including sill and brickmold for a clean installation and keyed lock.
  • The main overhead door is 16’ wide x 15’ high steel non-insulated sectional overhead door c/w 4-1 chain hoist allowing easy access to moving trucks.
  • Because the customer’s site is remote and not always occupied, the customer has placed a 20’ container inside their FastCover to securely store items of significant value.