Project Description

Industry: Construction
Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Application: Training Facility for Liuna Local 607
Building Size: 46′ x 80′ Fasctover Industrial Building erected on concrete blocks, complete with 2-14′ x 14′ steel sectional overhead doors and 2-man doors.


“The main use of our FastCover building is for training indoors without exposure to the weather. Also, we store all of our motive powered equipment indoors when we are not training. We are extremely satisfied with the product and service we have received. 10 out of 10!”

– Andy Nieweglowski from Liuna Local 607

Building Features

In the fast-paced industry of construction, it’s vital to meet the requirements of a job site. Liuna Local 607 required an industrial building whose dual purpose was for a training centre and equipment storage. A recent 46’x80’ FastCover Industrial Building was erected on concrete blocks, complete with 2-14’x14’ steel sectional overhead doors and 2-man doors. This training building provides a durable and versatile space that can be used for a variety of purposes. This structure allows the customer to complete training indoors and not have to worry about delays due to weather. Additionally, the structure allows for the safe storage of equipment when not in use, protecting it from the elements and extending its lifespan. The inclusion of a large graphic on the side of the construction training building not only enhances brand recognition but also provides advertising opportunities for the customer. This FastCover is used as a training center for Liuna Local 607- Thunder Bay, ON.

About Local 607

Local 607 was chartered in 1957 and is proudly affiliated with the 100+ year-old Labourers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) , the largest and most progressive, aggressive and fastest-growing Union of construction workers in North America, with over a half-million members in the construction industry, more than 80,000 members are in Ontario. Local 607 objective is to create a marketplace in which an atmosphere of labour/management cooperation will enhance prosperity for Union employers while, at the same time, ensuring job security, safety, training and excellent wages and benefits for members.