Visit FastCover at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, June 21-23, 2017

FastCover is once again proud to be exhibiting at Canada`s Farm Progress Show June 21 – 23, 2017 at Evras Place in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The Farm Progress Show, the largest trade show in Canada covering 1.9 million sq. ft., is celebrating 40 years of success and FastCover is a proud supporter of this exciting event. Attendees give the show high ratings for the opportunity it provides to see the latest innovations and new products unveiled each year. The Farm Progress Show connects local producers and international customers with the latest in dryland farming equipment, technology, and innovation.

FastCover Fabric Structures has been designing and manufacturing fabric structures for decades. Our designs are tried and true workhorses that continue to serve the farm and ranch community. These fabric structures are great for farm equipment storage, livestock handling, hay storage, light industrial use, riding arenas, equipment maintenance and more. Our agricultural customers are pretty innovative people and what works today may not work tomorrow and they certainly have the ability to change directions quickly to capture any advantages that it may bring.

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The portability of many of our fabric structures allow them to place their new FastCover in the location they need it at today, with the peace of mind that when they need to re-locate their structure, they can easily do so. At FastCover we pride ourselves in supplying and installing good quality fabric structures that give our customers years of satisfaction.
We trust you will have the opportunity to stop by our booth at Canada`s Farm Progress Show in Regina and chat with us. Ask us about our show specials and how easy it is for you to get your New FastCover.


national farm machinery show

National Farm Machinery Show – February 15-18, 2017

FastCover is attending the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky February 15-18, 2017. The Kentucky Exposition Center is filled with 850 exhibitors covering 1.2 million square feet of floor space as the National Farm Machinery show continues to be the largest indoor farm show in America. For 52 years, the show has offered the most complete selection of cutting-edge agricultural products, equipment and services available in the farming industry. For more information check out

FastCover is proud to service the agricultural community with reasonably priced, outstanding storage facilities for all their equipment, cattle and commodity storage needs. Call us today at 1-866-657-7172 or go online at



FutureFarm Canada Expo

FastCover Exhibits at Canadian Western Agribition, November 2016

FastCover has been serving farmers for years and we’re excited to be showing our structures perfect for farm equipment storage at the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, Saskatchewan at Evraz Place, November 21-26, 2016.

Canadian Western Agribition

Our team will be there in full force with a fully functioning FastCover structure that all attendees will be able to see touch and better understand the benefits of owning a FastCover. With our blue, white and silver FastCover that showcases the various truss configuration, you’ll find us quite easily. FastCovers are quickly becoming a highly sought after farm equipment structure for their overall value. The have the ability to protect your cattle, horses, equipment and commodities from the harsh elements of North America.

Affordable Canvas Storage Structures

As one client states, the ROI on his FastCover is less than 3 years. The structure has significantly reduced the deterioration of tires, hoses and paint. Protection with your FastCover significantly reduces the damage caused by snow, wind, rain and sun. The UV inhibitors incorporated into the fabric ensure that your “well-used” equipment remains in good condition for many more years and your brand new equipment remains immaculate.

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See you at Big Iron, Fargo, ND

FastCover Fabric Structures is excited to be exhibiting at BIG IRON XXXVI, Fargo, North Dakota, September  13-15, 2016. This event has grown each year, from a farm equipment show to a three-day celebration of rural living—agribusiness, health, innovation and technology. In 2015, more than 70,000 attendees came from across the nation and several other countries to see demonstrations, visit 900+ exhibit booths, connect with their peers and attend training sessions. Today, there is little doubt that Big Iron Farm Show is the event for agribusiness. FastCover offers a wide variety of covered fabric buildings. Everything from Custom Fabric Buildings, DIY Portable buildings, Engineered Fabric Structures, Farm Equipment Storage Buildings, Portable Shop Buildings, Portable Grain Storage, Hay Storage Buildings and MORE are available Factory Direct from FastCover. See us at Big Iron, Outdoor Booth # 610. Just look for the Silver, White and Blue FastCover. Read our more recent website posting on how to Keep Your Cows Warm in Winter during Calving Season.


Keep Your Cows Warm in Winter during Calving Season

Fabric covered livestock buildings help keep your cows warm and cope with cold weather. A FastCover is a great solution for keeping your cattle warmer in winter time – especially during calving season.

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Protect Cattle From Weather Extremes

A FastCover is becoming essential in the Northern climates and throughout North America as a result of volatile weather patterns. Keeping your cattle out of the elements may ensure a higher birth rate. When you reduce the cold stress in cows, newborns have a greater opportunity for survival in climates with extreme conditions.

Winter housing livestock buildings for your cattle: FastCovers can act as a loafing area where your cattle can calve anywhere in the structure or in the event you wish to segregate newborn calves and brood cows, corral pens can be erected inside.

Multi-Use Fabric Covered Buildings

FastCover portable buildings can be easily relocated to serve as a covered building for farm equipment storage, hay storage, grain storage or any other use.

Cattle Handling Facilities With Added Safety

Let’s not forget about you, the Farmer or Rancher, who has to endure these extreme weather conditions along with your livestock. Our naturally lit structures are the ideal winter cattle shelter for calving season – improving animal welfare while keeping those working with you and your herd safe.

Think back to the last time you were calving in 30 below weather, a foot of snow, or ankle deep muck. Cattle, as you know, generate a significant amount of heat that is retained by the FastCover making calving much more tolerable, possibly even enjoyable.

FastCover is a leading fabric building Manufacturer in Manitoba, producing fabric buildings that survive and thrive in North America. To get more information on your new FastCover for cattle handling and calving call us today 1-866-657-7172 or request a quote online.

Keep your cows warm in winter with a FastCover livestock building.

Portable Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

Interview with Neil Fast about the FastCover Portable Farm Equipment Storage Buildings.

Hi Neil, earlier today we were talking about your Portable Fabric Covered Buildings, and how they might be an ideal solution for farm equipment storage.

Neil – We have two great portable truss structures. And for the agricultural community, Fastcovers are a great option because they give you maximum square footage to store your farm equipment with the portability in the event that you ever wished to move it to a different site on your farm, you certainly can do that because of the way the building was designed.

Many of our ag customers not only use it for farm equipment storage, but for cattle handling to keep their cattle out of the weather – especially during times of calving.

When you talk about being in a flood plain, the building certainly can be moved out of harms way in the event that it needs to be moved to higher ground.

Typical Farm Uses For Fabric Covered Buildings


How long does it take to disassemble a building and put it back up in a different location?


If you did a partial disassemble, you certainly could do that in a day or two. Many of our ag customers have what is known as ‘The MacGyver Influence’, and they put plates under the building; either 2×4 or 2×6 steel skids, and they use farm equipment to drag fully structured buildings to different locations, depending on their needs. They have become quite creative and the Fastcover buildings certainly has the ability to withstand that sort of activity.

Easy Assembly Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

FastCover structures are pre-engineered and are modular in design. No heavy equipment required and no permanent foundation needed. Rapid installation, ease of relocation or extension, and lower operational costs make the FastCover structure the preferred choice of customers, no matter what it is used for!

  • Farm equipment storage buildings
  • Car and truck storage garage
  • Compost storage building
  • Fertilizer storage structure
  • Temporary grain storage building
  • Fabric covered hay storage barn


Do you have different door options for different sized equipment?


Yes, we have a number of different door options for fabric covered buildings. Generally the most economical type of door would be a fabric roll up door. You can probably do 15′ wide by 16′ high door, which is economical, but not necessarily practical if you are moving your equipment in and out on a regular basis.

We offer a steel re-enforced fabric door in a multitude of sizes to fit seeders, threshers, combine headers and other equipment to fit the users needs. The steel re-enforced fabric doors are slightly more expensive – still a good value, and certainly make it easier for regular use.

Although Fastcover is not in the commercial door business, we have 3rd party connections where we can assist a customer if they wish to put in a steel overhead, a roll up door, a commercial door, a bi-fold door… In those instances we generally match our customer with one of our suppliers so they can purchase directly. That adds greater value to the equation of buying a Fastcover.

Farm Equipment Storage BuildingsThank you for watching this video, we greatly appreciate your interest in a Fastcover as your Portable Storage building for your Farm Equipment and implements.

Request a Quote Today.

We are a family-owned business, manufacturing our product in the prairies, for the prairies weather. We invite everyone to stop by our location – we are open to the public and are more than happy to assist you directly in your Farm Equipment Storage Building needs.

Thanks so much – and remember – @itsafastcover

FastCover exhibits at Canada’s Farm Progress Show 2016

FastCover is excited to?have our Fabric Structure Buildings?be part of Canada’s Farm Progress Show! A three-day event on June 15, 16 and 17, 2016 at the Ramada Plaza in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Do It Yourself Storage Building Promotion!

Stop by our booth and enter your name to win FastCover’s new 10×10 structure, called the Shack-in-a-Box valued at $699! You won’t be disappointed.

We look forward to seeing you at Hall 7, Booths 70351,70353,70252 and 70254

Canada's Farm Progress Show Floor Plan 2016

Canada’s Farm Progress Show

An annual farm expo held in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Features dryland farming technologies with hundreds of farm machinery and equipment exhibits.


Known as North America’s largest event for dryland farming and direct seeding technology, Canada’s Farm Progress Show 2016, (formerly Western Canada’s Farm Progress Show) showcases agricultural products and equipment, agricultural technologies, and new farm production equipment.

View the Farm Progress Show 2016 Daily Schedule for details on the Antique truck and tractor showcase, field demos, Modern Rural Lifestyles, Outstanding Young Farmers, educational seminars at the Farm Show Forums, FCC Innovations Centre, Equipment Demos, HSBC International Business Centre, Livestock Centre and much more.

Fabric Covered Buildings For over 35 Years

FastCover Structures have and continue to be a mainstay with Canadian Farmers and Ranchers for over 35 years. FastCovers are in use for Farm Equipment Storage, Commodities Storage, low stress Cattle Handling & Horse Facilities, and now, our new Shack-In-A-Box 10×10 structure serves as a cost effective DIY backyard storage shed or greenhouse for everyday use!

As the manufacturer, we have the ability to supply you with a custom designed new FastCover to meet your specifications, and we now?provide Fabric Covered Building installation services. This makes buying your new FastCover even easier, as you get the benefit of Factory Direct pricing plus professional installation services. WOW!

Fabric Covered Buildings In Action

Fastcover BoothStop by our booth and enter your name to win FastCover’s new 10×10 structure, called the Shack-in-a-Box valued at $699! You won’t be disappointed.

We look forward to seeing you at Hall 7, Booths 70351,70353,70252 and 70254 Coop

Just look for the ?Silver, White and Blue?FastCover!!

Canada’s Farm Progress Show 2016 Event Location:

ADDRESS: Evraz Place, 1700 Elphinstone St, Regina, SKS4P 2Z6

GPS Coordinates: N 50? 27? 8.393? W 104? 38? 12.375?

Visit FastCover at Agribition, November 2015, Regina Saskatchewan!

FC-hat-back FC-hat-front

FastCover will again be displaying their FastCover Fabric Structures at the Canadian Western Agribition, November 23-28, 2015, Evras Place, Regina, SK. Our full size structure will allow you to see, touch and better understand the value of FastCovers that are designed, engineered and built to withstand the most demanding weather conditions.

*Visit us at the Cooperators Arena 4, Booth #1604.*

Ag Storage Buildings

Ag in Motion 2015




FastCover is proud to be one of the Founding Expo Sponsors of Ag in Motion, Western Canada?s Outdoor Farm Expo. Ag in Motion offers a new interactive way to get up close and personal with today?s cutting edge agricultural technology. It?s one thing to buy new products for your farm after reading about them, it?s another to see them working side-by-side in the field.

The FastCover Special Events 46?x60? fully portable engineered welded truss Tent has been erected at Ag in Motion and is ready for various events that will be happening during and after the Expo. The FastCover Special Events Tent is located on the South end of the Expo right beside the demonstration field. FastCover also has a large booth just adjacent to the special events tent on 2nd Street between Manitoba Drive and South Drive.

FastCover Fabric Structures are live at Ag in Motion so you can see, touch and learn more about them.

We look forward to seeing you 15 minutes NW of Saskatoon, SK from July 21-23, 2015

FastCover displays at the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo in Rapid City, SD





FastCover was represented at the BHSS show at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center along with over 200 other vendors. With the assistance of our dealer network we had the opportunity to meet customers, new and old and let them know what?s new at FastCover. ?With current beef cattle prices, farm and ranch businesses are looking to ensure their livestock and equipment investments are protected with a FastCover. Congratulations to the livestock show and rodeo champions and we certainly thank all attendees that stopped by our booth. FastCover even did a little bit of rodeo ?clowning? around at the show!

Industrial Vehicle Storage Building

Structures for Storage

Our Client purchased a significant number FastCover Fabric Structures for various locations to store salt, sand and large snow clearing equipment for the Province of Alberta, Canada. Working with the Client, it was determined that the size of buildings would range from 30 feet to 72 feet wide and up to 230 feet in length.

The structures for storage of sand and salt were completely epoxy coated which provides tremendous extended life to steel in facilities that are prone to high corrosion. Although epoxy coating adds initial cost to FastCover Structures, that incremental cost is minute compared to cost to replace any steel components due to premature corrosion. With Safety being paramount to our Client, epoxy coating ensured the Client was confident in the durability of the engineered structures.

The Equipment storage buildings required a completely different specification. The Client required an enclosed storage area to thaw equipment during down time, allowing them to keep equipment clean, reduce the opportunity for rust, all while providing an environment where maintenance and repairs can be done on their equipment. Each FastCover Fabric Structure was lined with an interior insulator to create a barrier resulting in reduced heat loss. This enabled the Client to install radiant heaters making the structure usable for maintenance and repair. These structures are also fully electrified allowing for the use of power tools and plugging in snow clearing equipment which ultimately extends their life.

FastCover fabric buildings were the ideal solution for this customer to install several buildings efficiently with the option of them being moved and/or quickly taken down on a temporary site compared to traditional buildings.

Another successful FastCover project. For more information on how FastCover can assist with your project please contact us online or call 1-866-657-7172