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The Ideal Job Site Building Solution for Construction Work Sites

In the bustling world of construction, the functionality of a job site building can significantly impact the overall success of a project. FastCover fabric structures offer versatile and reliable solutions, catering to the dynamic needs of the construction industry. When considering a structure for your construction site, these are the features to look for.

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Construction Training Building for Liuna Local 607 Ontario

Construction Training Centre

construction training building

In the fast-paced industry of construction, it’s vital to meet the requirements of a job site.  Liuna Local 607 required an industrial building whose dual purpose was for a training centre and equipment storage. A recent 46’x80’ FastCover Industrial Building was erected on concrete blocks, complete with 2-14’x14’ steel sectional overhead doors and 2-man doors. This training building provides a durable and versatile space that can be used for a variety of purposes. This structure allows the customer to complete training indoors and not have to worry about delays due to weather. Additionally, the structure allows for the safe storage of equipment when not in use, protecting it from the elements and extending its lifespan. The inclusion of a large graphic on the side of the construction training building not only enhances brand recognition but also provides advertising opportunities for the customer. This FastCover is used as a training center for Liuna Local 607- Thunder Bay, ON.

Andy Nieweglowski from Liuna Local 607 provided positive feedback regarding their experience

with FastCover. “The main use of our FastCover building is for training indoors without exposure to the weather. Also, we store all of our motive powered equipment indoors when we are not training. We are extremely satisfied with the product and service we have received. 10 out of 10!”

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Equipment Storage for Northern Alberta

A recent 30’x40’ Structure that was erected in northern Alberta is the perfect size to store equipment and parts. Measuring at 15’ high on center this structure can easily house redi-racking and still leave room for a standard size forklift to operate. This cost-effective addition to the business keeps equipment out of the elements increasing longevity and ease of use during the winter months. The 30’ wide structure is very popular amongst individuals and businesses needing extra storage. The single truss design is an excellent value for all storage requirements.

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Shipping Containers for Your Fabric Structure’s Foundation

shipping-container-buildingFastCover Fabric Structures exhibit versatility, stemming from a blend of design features and material properties that enable adaptability across diverse applications. Although FastCovers do not require a foundation, customers have a variety of foundation options to choose from including concrete blocks, concrete pads, footings, pony walls, screw anchors and the use of shipping containers.

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Skate in Comfort with a FastCover Fabric Covered Ice Rink!

As the colder weather of the winter season rolls in, we have seen in increased demand for outdoor covered event centers. One recent project of ours was to create an outdoor hockey rink shelter. For this 80’W x 130’ L structure we terminated the fabric 8’ above the ground allowing attendees to easily enter and exit and building from any side.

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Storage Building for Maintaining and Servicing Trailers: How FastCover Adapts to Your Unique Building Needs

FastCover builds hundreds of fabric covered buildings every year. The list of applications for our buildings continues to grow, and we pride ourselves in building a quality product, installing with our own team and taking on each project with the attention to detail that our customers expect. Fabric structures are most commonly used for equipment storage purposes in commercial and industrial applications, and our structures are ideal for the storage of various equipment and products in the Agricultural, Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. 

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industrial storage fabric structure

Maximizing Efficiency and Space: Why Fabric Buildings are Ideal for Industrial Storage

When it comes to industrial storage, maximizing efficiency and space is a top priority for businesses. Traditional brick-and-mortar structures often have limitations, such as high construction costs, lengthy installation times, and inflexible designs. However, there is a solution that offers versatility, cost-effectiveness, and rapid construction: fabric buildings. In this article, we will explore the advantages of fabric buildings for industrial storage, discuss how to choose the right one and provide maintenance tips to ensure their longevity.

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