riding arena fabric structure

Project Description

Client: Camp Nakamun Riding Arena
Location:  Busby, AB
Building: 86′ wide x 204′ long riding arena

The Riding Arena at Camp Nakamun provides an all-weather venue for the Horsemanship clinics and classes as part of the wide array of activities that are offered.


The sound dampening qualities of the fabric cover are ideal for instructor to student communication.  There are no echos inside the building and the quite, hushed atmosphere means instructors can communicate directly with students even over a larger area.

Viewing space was created along one wall by placing the side rails several feet inside the building walls so that spectators could be allow to view the riding events.  Because the side walls of the building are near vertical, the required clearance height for horse and rider is achieved without losing valuable interior space.  The building fabric covers allow a tremendous amount of natural light to pass through the cover which virtually eliminates shadows meaning horses are not spooked by dark corners of the building and riding space is maximized.

Located near Busby, Alberta, which is north of Edmonton, winter temperatures can exceed -30 with windchills of -40 and beyond.  Having the indoor riding arena means that no matter how nasty the weather outside, horsemanship instruction can still continue indoors.  The fabric building cover does not radiate heat and cold like steel building materials so the temperature inside is moderated and without wind, rain, and snow to worry about, the riding surface can be maintained in near ideal conditions year round.