FastCover’s In-House Advantage: The Benefits of Powder Coating

powder coated fabric building components

The Benefits of Powder Coated Fabric Buildings

Powder coating is a highly effective method for applying a durable finish to steel components, making it a popular choice across industries. This process involves applying a dry powder onto the steel surface and then curing it under heat to create a tough, protective coating. The benefits of powder coating include enhanced durability, excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals, and is an environmentally friendly solution compared to alternative coating methods.

FastCover’s In-House Facilities

FastCover ensures high-quality powder coating by completing the entire process in-house, FastCover’s manufacturing facility encompasses a wash bay and oven. Having all processes in-house allows for precise control over the coating process, ensuring consistent quality across all products.

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FastCover’s powder coating process includes a multi-stage wash and cleaning system to prepare the steel surface, promoting optimal adhesion of the powder paint. The products are then baked at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which fuses the powder particles into a uniform, durable finish that enhances corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Ensuring Durabilitypowder coated fabric building components

FastCover products are finished with their distinctive FastCover Brown Powder Paint, known for its long-lasting quality and smooth finish that prevents premature wear on fabric covers. By incorporating powder coating as a standard feature, FastCover steel components will last for decades, offering years of trouble-free utilization for customers. This durability reduces maintenance and replacement costs over time, making powder coating an essential aspect of FastCover’s commitment to quality and longevity.