The Ideal Job Site Building Solution for Construction Work Sites

job site building

In the bustling world of construction, the functionality of a job site building can significantly impact the overall success of a project. FastCover fabric structures offer versatile and reliable solutions, catering to the dynamic needs of the construction industry. When considering a structure for your construction site, these are the features to look for.

Portability and Ease of Relocation

construction site buildingFastCover fabric structures’ portability is a key attraction for many customers, allowing them to relocate structures easily upon project completion or business relocation. FastCovers ranging from 24’ to 60’ wide don’t require a foundation, making them the easiest to relocate. The process of relocating a FastCover involves minimal labour and time. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or rely on our expert installation team, dismantling and re-erecting a FastCover is a straightforward task. In cases where the building is relocated within the same property, it’s often feasible to move the structure without fully dismantling it, further streamlining the relocation process.

Job-Site Level Durability

work site buildingDesigned with versatility, FastCover structures cater to both personal and commercial needs, providing an ideal balance of mobility and adaptability. They maximize interior space while remaining entirely transportable, accommodating various anchoring options such as screw anchors, concrete blocks, footings, pony walls, or simply weighted down with concrete blocks. Regardless of size, FastCover structures maintain reliability without compromising on portability, making them a convenient solution for businesses or individuals seeking additional square footage.

Engineered for Excellence

job site structure

Manufactured at our facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, FastCovers can be fully engineered and stamped in the event it is a requirement atyour location. You can trust that your FastCover will exceed expectations for rain, wind, and snow loads, ensuring dependable performance in diverse weather conditions. All FastCovers come with a 15-year pro-rated warranty, providing assurance of quality and longevity. With regular use, you can expect your FastCover to last for over 20 years, making it a cost-effective and durable choice for your next project.

 A Proven Track Record

We’ve worked with crews to provide a portable fabric structure to be reused on multiple job sites and perfectly fit the width of overpasses for road construction.  Check out our Highway Interchange Construction Project for an example of our highly portable structures.