Shipping Containers for Your Fabric Structure’s Foundation

shipping-container-buildingFastCover Fabric Structures exhibit versatility, stemming from a blend of design features and material properties that enable adaptability across diverse applications. Although FastCovers do not require a foundation, customers have a variety of foundation options to choose from including concrete blocks, concrete pads, footings, pony walls, screw anchors and the use of shipping containers.




The Benefits of Shipping Container Foundations

shipping-container-foundationAn increasing number of customers are choosing to install their FastCover structures on shipping containersPositioning the shipping container roof on containers offers numerous advantages, such as increased height, a protective barrier that minimizes wear and tear on the fabric, and the inclusion of additional storage space. Shipping containers are highly customizable, and fabric structures can be tailored to specific requirements. This combination allows for a high degree of customization in terms of size, layout, and features, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The combination of shipping containers and fabric shipping container roofs results in a portable structure that can be dismantled and relocated to meet the requirements of your ever-changing business.

Storage for Northern Manitoba


A recent 46’ wide x 128’ long FastCover shipping container roof is used for the production of concrete on a large base metal mine in northern Manitoba. This structure is fully engineered and installed on structural piers incorporating the containers with a poured concrete pad foundation. Fully insulated with rigid foil-faced continuous polyiso board and seam-sealed with mylar tape, this structure serves as the housing for the electrical and control systems that power the concrete mixing plant. This FastCover is also equipped with heating, power-operated overhead doors, and features offices, a lunchroom, and storage space within the containers.

Fabric Storage Building Features

fabric-building-shipping-container-foundationAll FastCover steel components are fabricated and powder coated in-house to provide superior quality. All fabric is high density woven polyethylene with an ultraviolet inhibitor built into the membrane to increase longevity. FastCover is CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) and CSA A660-10 certified through annual audits.


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