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FastCover is “fast” becoming the fabric building of choice for those involved in the commercial fishing industry. Our fabric structures are a perfect fit for off-season storage of boats, gear and traps. This is why we are proud to support and be an exhibitor at the North Atlantic Fish and Workboat Show in 2018. The show is a proud Maritime tradition held on November 16-17 at the Mile One Centre in St. Johns, Newfoundland. The show features new and innovative products in the commercial marine and fishing industries. Exhibitors include marine wear, electronics, survival equipment, engines, lighting, navigation equipment and of course FastCover storage facilities.

FastCover Fabric Structures for Commercial Fishing

FastCover has experience in providing fabric structures for the Commercial Fishing Industry across Atlantic Canada. Our fabric structures, prior to assembly are compact making them ideal candidates to be flown or ferried or trucked into any location. FastCover portable fabric buildings can then be erected on any relatively level site without the need for expensive foundations. These fabric structures can be secured to the ground in a variety of methods from screw anchors to rock brackets to concrete blocks. Whichever method best suits the location, the ground disturbance is minimal or non-existent. In the event the FastCover fabric building is no longer required at a specific location or site, they can be easily disassembled and re-erected elsewhere, making it the perfect portable storage solution for permanent or temporary Commercial Fishing or Workboat storage solutions.

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Why a FastCover Portable Fabric Structure?

FastCover buildings provide protection against the elements for your boat, equipment, traps & pots and other important assets. Fastcovers provide an excellent environment to perform repairs and maintenance on your boat and equipment. Commercial boats and equipment are a vital asset to the current and future value of the business and need to be properly protected against the elements to minimize deterioration. FastCover fabric structures for Commercial Fishing Operations keep boats, trailers, marine equipment and other assets out of the elements, allowing for faster and easier startups. No more shoveling snow, unthawing, or digging out equipment anymore! FastCover fabric buildings are the ultimate shed storage solution to protect hoses, tires and paint on Commercial Fishing equipment from fading, cracking, and failing. This allows for longer life, less maintenance and better resale value of the equipment.

  • FastCover fabric buildings come with a full 15-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Most FastCovers are completely portable, allowing you to erect them without the need for costly foundations.
  • FastCover fabric structures for commercial fishing operations can be easily relocated to another location on your property to adapt to the growth and expansion of your business.
  • FastCovers have great resale value, which is a huge cost benefit compared to a permanent building.
  • See what FastCover has done to provide others with boat storage building solutions at an Atlantic Commercial fishing business 

FastCover at the North Atlantic Fish & Workboat show, Visit us at the Chiasson Booth

Find FastCover Fabric Structures at the North Atlantic Fish & Workboat show and browse through our fabric building inventory to see which is best for your commercial fishing and workboat needs.