50′ & 60′ Fabric Straight Leg Super Structure

  • Optional door requirements available
  • Full storm flaps
  • Complete ground apron
  • All hardware included
  • Commercial grade ground anchors included
  • Optional baserail brackets to mount portable building
    to an existing foundation
  • Door end and solid end wall covers available
  • Optional venting solutions
  • No permanent foundation required
  • Instruction guide
  • Powdercoat paint standard on all FastCovers
  • Easily installs anywhere
  • Install a door (framework & door optional)
  • 2-4 week lead time dependant on options
  • Varying lengths readily available
  • Call for sizes and shipping weights


FastCover introduces 2 completely new structures to meet customer demand. The FastCover SLSS Series (Straight Leg Super Structure) series is available in 50′ and 60′ widths, and, of course, unlimited lengths. Both SLSS series FastCovers are available in “Portable” models. The FastCover Straight Leg Super Structure (SLSS) has been designed to maximize the interior volume with a massive 10′ high exterior straight wall truss leg. This feature virtually eliminates wasted interior space by allowing customers to get closer than ever to the interior wall with equipment placement, vehicle storage, or warehouse racking. The SLSS series is designed for maximum width and height openings on end walls to accommodate more equipment, product or livestock. At 10′ high, the truss leg on the SLSS series easily accommodates side entrances making access to this FastCover significantly easier.

The portability of the SLSS Series make them one of the most versatile and sought after structures that can be erected almost anywhere, without the need for a costly foundation, due to its ability to be erected on any relatively level surface area when incorporated with our anchoring system. The beauty of portability allows customers to re-locate FastCover buildings to a location that best suits them. An initial location may no longer be suitable for commercial, mining, farm or ranch enterprises and a re-
locatable building allows for FastCover buildings to grow along with the business. Portability also means that when customers no longer have need for their FastCover, re-sale value becomes very important. FastCovers have the ability to provide decades of service, resulting in great re-sale value.

Like all FastCover buildings, the SLSS series is available in a variety of truss spacing to meet the demands of North American snow, rain and wind loads. Powdercoat paint is standard on all FastCovers. Powdercoating is a great rust inhibitor and ensures years of service. All FastCover buildings, big or small, incorporate High Density Polyethylene fabric membrane with UV inhibitors, in 12 oz. weight and 23 mils thickness to provide protection for equipment, product and livestock against the elements.