FastCover Engineered Truss Structures Provide Unparalleled Adaptability

FastCover’s Engineered Truss Structures provide an ideal solution for businesses looking for a durable and versatile fabric building. Whether you need a portable building for storage purposes or need to create a riding arena, livestock handling, commodities storage, manufacturing or light industrial space, our structures can be customized to meet your precise needs.

These fabric structures can withstand harsh weather conditions, providing maximum weather resistance and durability. With truss spacing ranging from 6′ to 16′, these structures are designed to meet and exceed the same stringent building codes as conventional buildings. They’re also available in a range of widths, making them fully customizable to your specific requirements and the perfect storage building solution.

FastCover’s Engineered Truss Structures are designed to maximize interior space utilization, providing clear span design where necessary. These fabric structures have been proven to succeed in many weather conditions and various applications, making them a reliable and versatile storage solution.

Choose FastCover’s Engineered Truss Structures for your next storage project and discover the ultimate in portable buildings and fabric structures.

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