Fabric Buildings: Ideal storage or warehousing solutions for mining sites

The mining industry is tough, but it also requires a great deal of innovation to keep up with the changing needs. With harsh weather conditions and hard-to-reach places, there are plenty of challenges for mine managers, from setting up office space in an abandoned shaft to getting heavy machinery down access holes before they’re frozen solid.

A more cost-effective way would be erecting structures such as portable fabric buildings, which can be easily broken down when not needed (saving money). Building a traditional structure can be another operation nightmare, and this is where fabric buildings come in. They offer several advantages over traditional structures regarding storage, warehousing or temporary office spaces for mining operations.

Here are some advantages of fabric buildings for the mining industry:

  1. More durable and weather-resistant than traditional buildings. This is important in locations where the weather can be harsh and there are risks of flooding or other damage from severe weather conditions.
  2. Flexible and modular design makes them ideal for mining operations that need to change frequently. They’re also easily dismantled and can be moved if needed.
  3. Cost-effective as they require less energy to heat and cool and are typically easier and cheaper to construct.
  4. Multifunctional in nature, so the Coverall structures can be used in many ways, including storage, office space, workshop space, and more. This multifunctional nature makes them a versatile option for mining operations of all sizes.
  5. Fabric buildings can be considered environmentally friendly as they do not require as many raw materials. The mineral, energy and oil exploration industry have rigorous guidelines, so building a traditional structure requires a lot more consideration for the environment and ecology of the mining site.

If you are considering storage or warehousing options for your mining operation, consider the advantages of fabric buildings. They may be the perfect solution for your mine sites.

Ideal for mining operations, FastCover fabric buildings are quick and easy to install, even in remote areas. Our wide variety of customizable structures have column-free interiors, so you can fit lots of materials without sacrificing space or clearance requirements! They’re also made from sturdy material that won’t get ruined by the weather.

Talk to us today to see how our fabric buildings can help your mining operations.