Visit FastCover @ Winnipeg Home and Garden Show, April 6-9, 2017


FastCover Fabric Structures displays at Winnipeg Home and Garden Show Booth #1327

Visit FastCover at Booth #1327 at the upcoming Winnipeg Home and Garden Show from April 6th to 9th, 2107 at the RBC Convention Centre Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you are seeking assistance on a home improvement project or looking for a new and better way to store your tools, gardening or recreational equipment, look no further than your new FastCover Fabric Structure at the Show. You’ll find Canada’s most popular Designers, Gardeners, Realtors and Home Improvement Specialists at the show, including Celebrity presenters Bryan and Sarah Baeumler plus Carson Arthur, host of HGTV’s brand-new series “Home to Win”.

A Workshop for your Projects

FastCovers are becoming the fabric structure of choice for workshops to bring your home improvement projects to completion without worrying about the weather. How many times have you pulled out all your tools to work on your fence, deck, gazebo, BBQ stand, etc.. and it starts to rain! We know this because as avid Do-it-Yourselfers, it’s a pain. There is no need to worry about Mother Nature on the only 2 Saturday’s you have available to complete your project or no need to clean up your stuff on Saturday night when you want to finish your project Sunday morning. Call us or see us at the Winnipeg Home and Garden Show to see what FastCover solution best fits your needs and budget for all your upcoming projects

Storage for your Tools, Gardening or Recreational Equipment

FastCovers Buildings are a great solution for storing your Gardening or Recreational Equipment. Keeping your assets out of the elements is a great way to keep them in pristine condition. Leaving valuable items such as tools, garden or recreational equipment outside makes them prone to rust, cracked hoses, warped plastic components and peeling paint. They deteriorate faster, don’t work properly and lose resale value when its time to upgrade, if left out to the elements. Call us or see us at the show to see what FastCover solution best fits your storage needs.

Call us today at 1-866-657-7172 or request a quote today. See you at Booth #1327 at the Winnipeg Home and Garden Show.

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