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See us at the Canadian Mining Expo, Timmins Ontario June 6-7, 2018

FastCover with our fabric buildings will be exhibiting at “The Big Event” Canadian Mining Expo, Timmins, Ontario on June 6th and 7th, 2018. The event will feature over 400 displays, on-site equipment demonstrations, exploration showcases, speaker forums, and jackleg drilling competitions. Outdoor and indoor showcases plus a career fair make this one event you won’t want to miss.

FastCover Fabric Buildings in the Mining Industry

FastCover has experience in providing storage facilities for the mining sector in the remotest of locations. Our fabric structures, prior to assembly are ideal candidates to be flown or ferried by plane, helicopter, or barge into remote locations. FastCover portable fabric buildings can then be erected on any relatively level site without the need for expensive foundations. FastCover’s fabric buildings can be secured to the ground in a variety of methods from screw anchors to rock brackets to concrete blocks. Whichever method best suits the location, the ground disturbance is minimal or non-existent. In the event the FastCover fabric building is no longer required at a specific location or site, they can be easily disassembled and re-erected elsewhere.

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Why a FastCover Portable Fabric Building?

FastCover buildings provide protection against the elements for equipment, core samples and other important assets left on sites. Core samples are a vital asset to the current and future value of the site and need to be properly protected against the elements to minimize deterioration. FastCover portable fabric buildings keep trucks, trailers, heavy equipment and other assets out of the elements, allowing for faster and easier startups. No more shoveling snow, unthawing, or digging equipment out anymore! FastCover fabric buildings are the ultimate machine shed storage solution to protect hoses, tires and paint on industrial, mining, transportation and, heavy equipment from fading, cracking, and failing. This allows for longer life, less maintenance and better resale value of the equipment.

  • FastCover fabric buildings come with a full 15-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Most FastCovers are completely portable, allowing you to erect them without the need for costly foundations.
  • FastCovers can be easily relocated to another location on your property to adapt to the growth and expansion of your business.
  • FastCovers have great resale value, which is a huge cost benefit compared to a permanent building.

FastCover at the Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins, Ontario

Find FastCover Fabric Structures at Pavilion- 03 at the Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins and browse through our inventory to see which fabric building is best for your needs.

portable fabric building

Price Drop Alert!! $7899.00 Only One FastCover 24×32 Fabric Building SORRY SOLD

It just dropped another $100.00. This FastCover portable fabric building had one small 4″ tear in the main cover that has been repaired with an original fabric patch that has been heat welded in place. It is as good as new and still comes with the FastCover full 15-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

This building package comes complete with:

  • 1 solid fabric and steel end wall
  • 1 fabric manual roll-up door
  • 1 frame for a prehung walk-in door of your choice and
  • all hardware and anchors ready to erect.

This fabric structure will give you 20+ years of service, is fully portable, can be erected on any relatively level surface, is relocatable and has great resale value. You will not be disappointed. It’s the best value for farm equipment storage, temporary shelter, cattle, sheep or goat shelter, boat, ATV or snowmobile shelter. Built completely in Manitoba, Canada to give you decades of service.

Call or email while it is still available 1-866-657-7172.

Low Quality Import building damaged by Wind

If it’s too good to be true… it’s usually too good to be true

The image above is from an imported fabric building located in Alberta, Canada which was damaged by wind.  This is what can happen to a building that is not built from quality components engineered for the North American climate.

Fabric Building Quality is not Too Good to Be True

This headline may have originated back hundreds of years, but it was coined by an evil henchman who worked for an evil newspaper villain who was plotting to overthrow the free world who was ultimately foiled by you know who… Bond, James Bond.

In the Fabric Building industry there is a huge discrepancy in the quality of products being offered in the North American market. More recently, if you have been in the market for a fabric building, you will have noticed a number of distributors claiming to sell quality “Canadian” fabric buildings.  They claim to be designed specifically for North American climates, albeit imported from abroad. These structures are readily available online through kijiji, distributors and auction houses. The challenge we all face as consumers is how to make a good buying decision when we are purchasing something we have never purchased previously. If I know nothing about the automobile industry, why not buy a Ford Pinto vs. a Mercedes Benz 500. It’s less than 1/2 the price and they both get me from Point A to point B. Not that simple! If it’s too good to be true… it generally is too good to be true!

Quality Building Components

There are significant differences in a quality fabric building vs. many of the import products available today. As Benjamin Franklin said, ” The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” At FastCover we pride ourselves in using quality materials that result in decades of great service from our structures. Using a minimum of 11 – 12 gauge black steel tubing ensures that our Structures are truly strong enough to give you decades of worry free & maintenance free service. We have seen too many poor quality fabric structures collapse after the first heavy snowfall in places like Prince George British Columbia, Sydney Montana or Snow Lake, Manitoba. Powder coating all steel components on every FastCover ensures greater longevity of fabric. Applying and baking several millimeters of paint onto all our steel ensures smoothness where fabric and steel meet.  High density polyethylene fabric is an integral part of FastCover engineered structures.  When properly adhered to one of our quality steel frames, the entire fabric & steel envelope create its ability to withstand North American snow, wind and rain loads as per National and International Building Code. Fabric on many import buildings cannot be tightened “like a drum” because it is not strong enough and can expand and contract in various weather conditions. This fabric is not an integral part of the structure and provides no additional strength.

Stay in touch with our blog section as we will be writing a series of posts on the various components that make a FastCover an excellent choice for your equipment storage, cattle handling, dairy farm, light industrial, machine or maintenance shop. We will look at fabric, hardware, steel, foundation & anchors and warranties.

Quick Tip

You would not buy a new car, truck or combine without a warranty, so make sure you have one on your new fabric building. FastCover’s 15 year warranty has you Covered!

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Solar Powered Building – Solar Solution for Your New FastCover

Solar Powered Building

We have developed the perfect solar power solution for your new FastCover portable fabric structure. A small 14×28 foldable solar panel is mounted onto a unique bracket that does not alter or affect your main fabric cover whatsoever. The bracket gets mounted onto the upper truss with self tapping screws and drops down below the storm flap and back up with a mounting bracket for the solar panel. Angle brackets allow you to adjust the angle on the solar panel depending on the light availability in your particular area. The solar power can be harnessed to generate lighting or light duty power use. This particular application plugs into a round fan that is mounted to the upper side end wall of the FastCover, allowing us to extract air out of the building in order to keep the humidity level lower in your brand new FastCover building. To encourage air movement we installed vents on the opposing end wall to draw in fresh air as the fan extracts humid air. Check out our YouTube video to learn more about getting a solar powered building.

FastCover Sale

SOLD!!!!! One Only! FastCover Sale – 50′ wide x 90′ long now only $36,999 Cdn*

Amazing deals like this rarely come along! This massive FastCover fabric building at 4500 square feet will be perfect for storage of any kind, light manufacturing or equipment maintenance. The FastCover 50 engineered welded truss structure is complete and ready to be mounted onto your foundation. The engineered trusses are spaced at 10′ apart, are 28′ deep and incorporate 3″ powdercoat painted steel. The end wall uprights are made with ladders almost a foot in depth. All FastCover steel is powdercoat painted in our own paint facility in Manitoba. Powdercoat paint assists in greater longevity of the fabric for increased years of service. The fabric is Hi-Density Polyethylene 12 oz. material ready to tackle any snow, rain or wind. This ClearSpan FastCover will CoverAll your storage needs.

This 1 only FastCover fabric building includes everything required to erect the structure on your foundation. It comes complete with 1 solid back end wall, 1 door end wall, 1 man door frame kit and all the hardware you need to erect. This FastCover regularly sells for $44,449 and is now on sale for the low price of $36,999 cdn*.

Don’t be fooled by the low cost of offshore imitation fabric buildings that don’t have the ability to withstand North American weather!! You will not find a better deal on a quality fabric building that will give you DECADES of service!!

Call or email now as this FastCover sale won’t last long. 1 (866) 657-7172 or email us now.

Please note: the picture as shown of the FastCover 50 is an example of the structure only. The Special is not exactly as shown and does not include any doors, windows, foundation, or 3 color combination as shown. Price does not include installation, freight or any applicable taxes. Please call for details, 1 (866) 657-7172.

lease a portable building

Lease Your New FastCover for as low as 5.9% oac

FastCover is always searching for ways to make the purchase of your new structure more manageable. This is why FastCover is proud to announce you can now lease a portable building from FastCover.

Why Lease a Portable Building

It is a significant, long-term investment that will ensure your farm and industrial equipment or recreational vehicles remain in excellent condition for years to come. Our customers know the value of keeping their assets out the harsh environment. Sun, snow, wind and rain can accelerate the deterioration of paint, tires, and hoses that ultimately depreciate the value of your equipment. As a farmer and business owner, leasing a portable building provides you the opportunity to;

  1. Manage your cash flow by removing the burden of a significant cash purchase
  2. Decide when and how much your payments should be based on your financial position
  3. Reduce your taxable income by writing off the lease payments

We’re here to make your purchase of your New FastCover as easy as possible. It’s just that simple!

This incredible offer is now available to you (oac) when you purchase your new FastCover. Just call us at 1-866-657-7172 or click here to lease a portable building.