Fabric Structure Customization Options

Customize your FastCover Fabric Structure with options including fire retardant fabric, engineer stamped, ventilation, arch spacing, end wall design, and solar panels. For more, you can visit our door option and foundation option pages.



Fabric Options

Our 12 ounce 23 mil NovaShield II membrane fabrics with Armorkote are prime materials especially formulated for our building designs, ensuring many years of trouble-free performance. A fire retardant membrane is also available for special applications.

Fire Retardant

IPG is the only polyethylene membrane manufacturer to successfully combine long-life UV resistance with flame retardancy. NovaShield products pass the most demanding certification standards, including:

  • California Fire Marshall
  • ASTM E84 (Class 1)
  • NFPA 701 (Large and
    Small Scale)
  • CAN/ULC S-109 (Large and
    Small Scale)
  • UBC31-1
  • FAR 25.863(a) Appendix F,
    Part 1
  • EN13501.1 (B.s1.d0)
  • DIN4102 (B1)



Standard Fabric

FastCover’s come standard with a white main cover and green stripes on each end, but many other colours are available as a special order. Designed to last 20 plus years.

Optional Engineer Stamped

Our FastCover buildings have been pre-engineered and tested by independent engineering firms. They have been designed to withstand North American wind, rain and snow loads.


Our complete building line has been tested by independent engineering firms, and we have designed these packages to withstand the most challenging of geographical conditions.


Any after-market vents can be installed virtually anywhere in the building to increase ventilation. Your FastCover representative will be able to assist you with any venting requests.

Arch Spacing

Arch spacing on the FastCover Welded Truss Buildings ensure added strength. These buildings are designed for area specific wind,
rain and snow loads. We recommend truss spacing to meet the needs of your location and CSA certified steel components – giving you a better building!

End Wall Design

End wall trusses are all engineered to balance load and maximize the strength of the building. Reducing end wall flapping in the wind dramatically reduces end wall fabric wear. Our fabric is attached to the steel end wall frame and supports at multiple points using webbing and high tension kits.

Innovative Solar Technology

For over two years, FastCover has been developing a solar energy package to provide electrical solutions for buildings where there is no available power source. FastCover now makes it possible to light your structure, or power your door of choice with as little as just one solar panel package! This technology has been vigorously tested over two winters with – 40 degree weather.

FastCover is the first fabric manufacturer to offer this technology! A solar solution will cost a fraction of having hydro provided to a building and eliminate monthly electricity bills.