Skate in Comfort with a FastCover Fabric Covered Ice Rink!

As the colder weather of the winter season rolls in, we have seen in increased demand for outdoor covered event centers. One recent project of ours was to create an outdoor hockey rink shelter. For this 80’W x 130’ L structure we terminated the fabric 8’ above the ground allowing attendees to easily enter and exit and building from any side.

Features of The Ice Rink Shelter

This fabric structure allows for lower maintenance costs and expands the season of the rink by protecting it from sun, snow, rain, wind and debris. The fabric is a high-density woven polyethylene with an ultraviolet inhibitor built into the membrane to increase longevity. The white cover transmits 80% of natural light to the interior of the building, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, even on a cloudy day. When daylight is no longer available, the bright white underside of the cover disperses artificial light more evenly so fewer light fixtures and lower utility costs are required to properly light the fabric structure. The trusses allow for easy installation of artificial lighting so the rink can be used 24/7.  During the summer months, the area is used for outdoor gatherings and is a great place to host community events. This particular FastCover building is mounted onto a concrete pad.



CoverAll Building Uses

FastCover builds hundreds of fabric covered buildings each year. The list of applications for our buildings is never ending as we strive to work with all of our customers and exceed their expectations. We tackle each building project with the attention to detail and dedication to manufacturing quality that our customers expect. The traditional FastCover fabric structures were manufactured and used mostly for cold storage purposes such as agricultural, commercial or industrial warehouses. We are continuously seeing a demand for alternative uses of FastCover buildings such as light manufacturing, staging of sub-assemblies for further manufacturing, on-site safety & training facilities, even fully insulated structures. FastCover has the ability to adapt your structure to your specific application needs. You may want lighting, power, heat and remote doors which are just a few of the building options we can provide.

At FastCover we are more than cold storage.  Give us your building requirements and we can help get you there.