Adding On to an Industrial Warehouse

Industrial Storage Warehouse

FastCover Grows with Your Project!

Your business is constantly evolving. Plans today can change tomorrow dependent on your customer’s needs or a potentially volatile marketplace. A structure on your property may be used as an industrial warehouse today and become a light manufacturing or materials staging facility tomorrow.  A structure may be in the right location but can be prohibitive to growth tomorrow. These are only a couple of the challenges and changes our clients are faced with on a regular basis that have a significant impact on the positive growth of their businesses.

Extending Your Fabric Building

At FastCover we understand the importance of having the right facility at the right time because, as a growing company, we also face them. Our structures are fast becoming recognized as excellent warehouses, training facilities or light manufacturing buildings that have the ability to grow with your business. Many of our customers are familiar with the FastCover “Joiner kit”. This simple group of components enables us to add length to any one of our portable single or engineered truss structures by incorporating the existing portable baserail system and end walls. It is a relatively simple assembly process allowing customers to add square footage to existing buildings when the need arises.

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storage structure
storage building trusses

Expanding the Industrial Warehouse

Several years ago, a client in the rail transportation sector originally had FastCover erect a fully portable structure for an industrial warehouse on an infrequently used asphalt parking area. Prior to purchasing the building, they were storing pallets of expensive rail car components outside, fully exposed to the elements. A newly erected FastCover portable structure (46’ wide x 152’ long) resolved their warehousing needs by allowing all parts to be placed inside their FastCover to avoid damage caused by the elements. A secondary benefit was that they no longer needed to dig parts out of the snow and ice when needed. The efficiencies gained by this structure became the catalyst to expand their storage needs. Increasing parts inventory due to growth and volatile supply, the area surrounding their FastCover was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and access. With the availability of additional unused parking facilities, together we determined adding to the front of the structure was the most beneficial for the client. FastCover then removed the commercial steel roll-up door and relocated the fully assembled front end wall. Our Joiner Kit allowed us to connect to the existing baserail and add an additional 152’ of structure to the front of the original building. Using our high tension kit to attach the new main fabric in the middle of the newly extended storage structure ensures the elements will remain outside where they should be.  Once completed the end wall was re-attached to the new front, the roll-up door was re-installed and electrical service was re-connected. All of this was completed within a 2 week timeframe. The beauty of this portable configuration, anchored internally with concrete lock blocks, will allow the client to relocate or reconfigure the storage structure in the event their storage requirements increase again.

cold storage shelter
Industrial Storage Warehouse