Fabric Buildings Offer More Comfort for Animals

Whether you are raising beef cattle, exotic livestock, goats or sheep, or running a dairy farm, the comfort and health of your herd is of critical importance to your farming operation.  A healthy herd leads to a more efficient farming operation which can contribute to the bottom line of your business.  When it is time to invest in your next livestock barns consider all the ways a Fast Cover fabric building can help keep your animals in greater comfort.

Better Light Day and Night

The semi-translucent covers on a Fast Cover building allow for a tremendous amount of natural light to pass through to the interior of the building, while blocking much of the UV rays of natural sunlight.  Daytime lighting fills every inch of

Cattle Handling Barn
Cattle Barn

the building and eliminates shadowy areas.  At night, the bright white underside of the covers helps to spread artificial light throughout the building, often with a lower energy requirement and few light fixtures than a non-fabric building.  This means in the short days of our winter months it is less expensive to extend the lighting period within the building.

Ventilation & Air Volume

Properly designed livestock barns should promote good fresh air exchange.  A Fast Cover fabric building is designed with a ceiling height resulting in a large air volume inside the building.  With properly placed exhaust vents, the warm moist air common in animal housing buildings will rise upwards and be exhausted out the vents.  Cooler, fresher air is drawn in from below in what is known as the venturi effect and helps to reduce the air borne pathogens in the building air.


Quiet, Hushed Atmosphere

A building with walls constructed of metal brick or wood can often be noisy inside with all sounds of machinery operations or other noises echoing off the walls.  In a Fast Cover building, sounds do not echo and are dampened

Riding Arena Instruction
Riding Arena Instruction

by the fabric walls and roof cover.  This quiet, hushed atmosphere is also easier on people working within the building making it easier to communicate over distances within the building.  Buildings with metal roofs can also be quite noisy during rain storms with a metallic “ping” sound from every rain drop and a deafening sound during a hail storm which can be quite upsetting to many animals.  Rain makes a quiet hushed sound and hail bounces off without a clang.

Temperature Moderation

Many building materials will quickly radiate heat and cold from the outside of a building to the interior making it quite uncomfortable inside especially during extreme hit and cold.  The fabric covers on a Fast Cover buildings have thermally non-conductive properties which help to moderate the temperature inside.


More Comfort, Better Herd

A more content, low-stressed herd will feed on a regular basis which promotes weight gain.

For dairy cattle or any animals raising young, natural light and ventilation can contribute to higher milk production helping the off-spring gain weight and strength early in life.

Contact Fast Cover Buildings to learn more about the many advantages for your farm.