YOU PICK!! FastCover Compact or Hi-Profile Now Available in 24′ and 30′ wide

You Pick!! For years we have been providing hundreds of FastCover 24 and 30 wide Structures to a variety of satisfied customers. As more of our long-term customers downsize and many of our new customers are expanding, the need to have more available options on these 2 structures became very apparent. We decided with customer input to have COMPACT and HI-PROFILE models in both 24′ and 30′ widths. The higher profile FastCovers are perfect for those taller vehicles and equipment such as RVs, Motorhomes, 5th wheels, and campers that seem to be getting bigger and bigger. The compact FastCovers meet the needs of many of our customers today who have an abundance of recreational and hobby farm equipment that not only need to work or play on demand, but also needs to look their best when summoned for action. In many instances, our customers need the width of the FastCover 24 and 30 wides but not necessarily such a high door.

Hi Profile Fabric Building

With popular sizes in stock from 768 to 1950 square feet, you are sure to find the one that suits you best.  They can easily accommodate a steel overhead or steel roll-up door if you so choose and you can add a walk in the door for convenience. The Compact’s lower profile nestles nicely into your property while maximizing your storage square footage needs. The Hi-Profile accommodates any equipment or vehicle that is road worthy.

With these new heights, FastCover can COVERALL and PROTECT your new wakeboard or fishing boat, that expensive new garden tractor, the snowblower, your quads, side-by-sides, sleds, motorcycles and whatever else you cherish. They can all be tucked away nicely waiting for their next adventure.

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