WOW! Check out the New FastCover 24×32 “Compact”

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Some companies only hear what their Customer’s tell them they want and it ends there! At FastCover we hear, then listen closely and actually develop a Compact Portable Fabric Structure that meets their need. We have been selling huge quantities of our standard Hi-Profile 24×32 portable buildings for decades. It was originally designed to accommodate semi-trailers, grain trucks, RVs and campers with it’s 14′ high and 12′ wide roll-up door. Many of our customers today have an abundance of recreational and hobby farm equipment that not only need to work or play on demand, but also needs to look its best when summoned for action. Our customers need the space of the 24×32 but not necessarily such a high door.

Voila, the 24×32 Compact is the perfect solution. It provides over 760 square feet of storage space with a usable 11′ high by 12′ wide roll-up door. It can easily accommodate a steel overhead or steel roll-up door if you so choose and you can add a walk in the door for convenience. It’s lower profile nestles nicely into your property while maximizing your storage square footage needs. Your boat’s wakeboard tower, the ROPS on your garden tractor, the cab on your ORV and whatever else you cherish are now all tucked away nicely waiting for their next adventure.

Call FastCover today to learn more about the new 24×32 Compact. call now 1-866-657-7172 or request more information on our website. See you soon!