Sneak Peek… Check out the Newest FastCover!

Are you tired of replacing your value priced?fabric shed over and over every year because it either blew away, ripped or collapsed under the Prairie winter. FastCover is pleased to offer its newly developed 10? wide by 10? long by 8? high steel framed fabric covered structure complete with a solid fabric end wall, fabric door end wall with an 8? wide double zippered opening, 4 anchors and all hardware to easily assemble anywhere. No, it’s not fancy! No, it’s not a cutting edge design! No, it doesn’t assemble in 10 minutes! No it doesn’t have to be taken down in the event of snow, wind or rain! It’s just a plain Ol’ workhorse with a tried and true design, manufactured in Canada to withstand North American weather. ?Great to protect your garden equipment, snowmobile, ATV, or anything else you have, against, snow, rain, sun, wind, tree sap, bugs and all those other nasty elements that harm paint, fiberglass, vinyl and rubber. This FastCover is now available for sale at the incredible price of $699 in your choice of White or Greenhouse fabric to start planting early. This is not your typical shed. We use the same manufacturing processes as our commercial grade fabric structures that are as a wide as 86? and as long as you can imagine. ?Call Now! ?1-866-657-7172