FastCover inaugurates its brand new Powder Coat Paint Line

It was an historic day at FastCover Fabric Structures early December of 2104 when our new powder coat paint line was successfully installed and functioning. Working closely with our local vendor and the manufacturer, the paint line was designed and engineered to work within the footprint of our facility, installed in fall and inaugurated.

We have designed the powder application area for 2 operators adjacent to each other to ensure efficiency and appropriate coverage of the ?famous? HiQual now FastCover brown powder paint.

Powder coating our structures has and continues to be a key benefit in the erection and longevity of the FastCover structure. Our unique design fabrication in conjunction with powder coating contributes tremendously to the ease of our fabric installation, plus the smooth finish of FastCover Structures greatly extends the life of the fabric cover for years of maintenance free use.

FastCover fabric buildings are the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications where customers wish to erect structures efficiently with the option of them being moved and or taken down on a temporary site compared to traditional buildings.

Another successful FastCover project. For more information on how FastCover can assist with your project please contact us online or call 1-866-657-7172.