Solar Powered Building – Solar Solution for Your New FastCover

Solar Powered Building

We have developed the perfect solar power solution for your new FastCover portable fabric structure. A small 14×28 foldable solar panel is mounted onto a unique bracket that does not alter or affect your main fabric cover whatsoever. The bracket gets mounted onto the upper truss with self tapping screws and drops down below the storm flap and back up with a mounting bracket for the solar panel. Angle brackets allow you to adjust the angle on the solar panel depending on the light availability in your particular area. The solar power can be harnessed to generate lighting or light duty power use. This particular application plugs into a round fan that is mounted to the upper side end wall of the FastCover, allowing us to extract air out of the building in order to keep the humidity level lower in your brand new FastCover building. To encourage air movement we installed vents on the opposing end wall to draw in fresh air as the fan extracts humid air. Check out our YouTube video to learn more about getting a solar powered building.

Visit FastCover at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, June 21-23, 2017

FastCover is once again proud to be exhibiting at Canada`s Farm Progress Show June 21 – 23, 2017 at Evras Place in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The Farm Progress Show, the largest trade show in Canada covering 1.9 million sq. ft., is celebrating 40 years of success and FastCover is a proud supporter of this exciting event. Attendees give the show high ratings for the opportunity it provides to see the latest innovations and new products unveiled each year. The Farm Progress Show connects local producers and international customers with the latest in dryland farming equipment, technology, and innovation.

FastCover Fabric Structures has been designing and manufacturing fabric structures for decades. Our designs are tried and true workhorses that continue to serve the farm and ranch community. These fabric structures are great for farm equipment storage, livestock handling, hay storage, light industrial use, riding arenas, equipment maintenance and more. Our agricultural customers are pretty innovative people and what works today may not work tomorrow and they certainly have the ability to change directions quickly to capture any advantages that it may bring.

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The portability of many of our fabric structures allow them to place their new FastCover in the location they need it at today, with the peace of mind that when they need to re-locate their structure, they can easily do so. At FastCover we pride ourselves in supplying and installing good quality fabric structures that give our customers years of satisfaction.
We trust you will have the opportunity to stop by our booth at Canada`s Farm Progress Show in Regina and chat with us. Ask us about our show specials and how easy it is for you to get your New FastCover.


Keep Your Cows Warm in Winter during Calving Season

Fabric covered livestock buildings help keep your cows warm and cope with cold weather. A FastCover is a great solution for keeping your cattle warmer in winter time – especially during calving season.

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Protect Cattle From Weather Extremes

A FastCover is becoming essential in the Northern climates and throughout North America as a result of volatile weather patterns. Keeping your cattle out of the elements may ensure a higher birth rate. When you reduce the cold stress in cows, newborns have a greater opportunity for survival in climates with extreme conditions.

Winter housing livestock buildings for your cattle: FastCovers can act as a loafing area where your cattle can calve anywhere in the structure or in the event you wish to segregate newborn calves and brood cows, corral pens can be erected inside.

Multi-Use Fabric Covered Buildings

FastCover portable buildings can be easily relocated to serve as a covered building for farm equipment storage, hay storage, grain storage or any other use.

Cattle Handling Facilities With Added Safety

Let’s not forget about you, the Farmer or Rancher, who has to endure these extreme weather conditions along with your livestock. Our naturally lit structures are the ideal winter cattle shelter for calving season – improving animal welfare while keeping those working with you and your herd safe.

Think back to the last time you were calving in 30 below weather, a foot of snow, or ankle deep muck. Cattle, as you know, generate a significant amount of heat that is retained by the FastCover making calving much more tolerable, possibly even enjoyable.

FastCover is a leading fabric building Manufacturer in Manitoba, producing fabric buildings that survive and thrive in North America. To get more information on your new FastCover for cattle handling and calving call us today 1-866-657-7172 or request a quote online.

Keep your cows warm in winter with a FastCover livestock building.